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Our Staff is Here for You

Each and every member of the staff, and each and every resident, is a partner in creating our Oxbow Living Center community. Our staff handles the administration of our residential complex and develops Oxbow's programs. In every step of the process, Oxbow Living Center has built –and continues to refine– programs based on the idea of assisting our seniors to be independent, self-directed and well-supported. It's the respect they've earned, and that respect is what inspires us.

Oxbow Living Center’s staff are on site 24 hours a day. Ashland’s first Assisted and Independent Living Facility, Oxbow is currently interviewing applicants to fill out our staff. See our employment page for more information.

Oxbow staff are encouraged and guided to:

  • Help residents keep their abilities and independence for as long as possible
  • Be open to changing care needs (as residents’ needs change, we're there to help)
  • Encourage, request and value family involvement
  • Always be professional, attentive and caring

Oxbow staff and residents have access to a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day ... many similar centers retain the services of an on-call RN; at Oxbow, professional medical services are available in the building at all times.


Our 50-residence assisted and independent living facility is NOW OPEN.

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Oxbow Living Center is located just off Oxbow Lake in Ashland. For our precise location, see Where We Are.

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