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Father’s Day Activity Guide for Dads in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

You grew up watching your father work hard day in and out just to provide for the family. He was the pillar of your household, and he did everything he can to give you a good life. So, now that he’s already in one of the facilities for Alzheimer’s due to his illness, it’s your chance to give back all your father’s love and hard work by planning an amazing Father’s Day celebration for him.

Tips for celebrating in facilities for Alzheimer’s

To make sure that this day will be successful, here are some tips that you can follow:

Choose the right time and environment.

  • Choose a location that he’s familiar with, so he’s more comfortable.

Manage your expectations.

  • People with Alzheimer’s will have a hard time remembering even their closest family members, so you can expect that your father may not think of Father’s Day as a special occasion. Manage your expectations to avoid disappointment.

Focus on your dad.

  • This day is all about him, after all, so make sure that you focus on the things that make him happy. You can cook his favorite foods, buy him a memorable gift, or just spend the entire day with him.

Use memory aids.

  • Patients in facilities for Alzheimer’s can benefit from activities with family during special occasions since it allows them to reminisce about the past. Bring memory aids like old home videos or photographs to help your father recall all the good memories.

Activities for Father’s Day in facilities for Alzheimer’s

If you don’t know what to do yet, here are some activities that you can try:

Create a photo album.

  • Compile all your most memorable photos throughout the years and put them all together in an album that your dad can look at and recall the happy times.

Listen to music together.

  • Go ahead and reminisce the old days by playing his favorite songs while you enjoy a good snack or afternoon tea.

Cook him lunch.

  • Food is one of the best ways to bring back good memories. So, cook your dad his favorite dishes and share it together as a family during lunch.

Play different games.

  • Choose table games like poker, dominoes, or chess that he can enjoy without moving a lot. You can also solve a puzzle together to help enhance his memory.

Go for a walk.

  • Remember those days when your dad would take you out on a walk at the park? This is your chance to return that gesture by walking with him around the facility premises.

Father’s Day is such a special time to honor the man who worked hard to give you the life that you’re enjoying now.

So, it’s only fitting that you also make the effort to make him feel valued and loved, whether there’s a special occasion or not.

Follow these tips to plan an unforgettable celebration with your dad.


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