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Honoring ALS Awareness Month in a Senior Living Center

May is ALS Awareness Month, dedicated to educating everyone about this neurodegenerative disease. The annual activity raises awareness and supports ongoing research on effective means to manage and treat the disease. The month is filled with activities, programs, and a series of talks to improve the lives of individuals suffering from ALS in your senior living center and beyond.

ALS Awareness Month

It is the time of year when organizations gather with one purpose: spreading awareness about ALS and learning how to change the lives of those affected by it positively.

The United States Senate filed a resolution in May 1992 to appoint May as National ALS Month. Since then, more organizations have launched programs and efforts to help the public better understand Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

ALS Awareness Month is crucial in advocating for additional research funding and supporting individuals and their families. Through different support groups, individuals with ALS in a senior living center maintain a positive outlook amidst the condition.

Different media platforms are utilized for education and outreach. During the month-long activities and programs, the latest research efforts, including treatment and management options and potential cures, are highlighted.

Overall, it’s a month of hope, solidarity, and an opportunity to enhance the lives of those in the ALS community.

Treating ALS in a Senior Living Center

ALS is a motor neuron disease that affects the function of muscles and nerves. At first, the symptoms may be unnoticeable, but over time, the loss of control in limbs, hands, and arms can lead to paralysis as the muscle weakness spreads to other parts of the body.

How a senior living center helps.

The symptoms of ALS will worsen over time and will affect the individual’s communication, mobility, breathing, and mental health. With ALS affecting the overall health, the need for assistance in personal care and daily activities is inevitable. This is where the senior living center proves to be a big help.

While there is no cure for ALS, the senior living center provides a supportive and nurturing environment tailored to fit the challenging needs of residents and slow down the progress of the disease. With the welfare of their residents in mind, facilities like this have a staff of multidisciplinary background to address the needs. In addition, therapies are also available to optimize mobility, improve speech and communication, and enhance independence.

Counseling is also part of the senior living center program to provide emotional support along with the participation of family and friends. Family and core group participation will help them better support their loved ones throughout this challenging journey.

ALS in senior living centers is treated with a more holistic approach and comprehensive care to promote a dignified life for residents with ALS.


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