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Honoring ALS Awareness Month in a Senior Living Center

May is ALS Awareness Month, dedicated to educating everyone about this neurodegenerative disease. The annual activity raises awareness and supports ongoing research on effective means to manage and treat the disease. The month is filled with activities, programs, and a series of talks to improve the lives of individuals suffering from ALS in your senior […]

Spring Reading List for Residents in Senior Housing

Book reading can have many physical and mental benefits. These may include building your vocabulary, increasing your ability to empathize, reducing stress, and strengthening your brain. We’ve compiled the latest must-read books for senior housing residents for spring. Benefits of Reading Fiction as an Adult in Senior Housing It can help activate the brain regions […]

The Importance of Person-Centered Care in Memory Care Assisted Living

The work done by healthcare providers in collaboration with patients to do what is best for patient’s health and well-being is called person-centered care. Thus, healthcare providers gain access to patients’ health data to better understand their comprehensive needs. The importance of person-centered care in Memory Care Assisted Living communities is steadily rising.   What […]

Multiple Sclerosis Education in Assisted Living Ashland | MS Awareness Month

Assisted Living Ashland facilities are purposely made available to help people with multiple sclerosis live in a community that provides the support and independence they need. March 10 to March 16 is Multiple Sclerosis Week, a global campaign to raise awareness about this chronic auto-immune disease affecting the brain and spine. The annual global event […]

Recognizing Brain Awareness Week in Facilities for Alzheimer’s | Ashland NE

Brain Awareness Week 2024 will be held from March 11 to 17, 2024. This yearly global event raises awareness about the latest developments in neuro research, treatment, and prevention of brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s. As the global community anticipates this event, let us not forget loved ones who are facilities for Alzheimer’s Ashland NE by […]

What is Alcohol-Induced Dementia? | Learn from OxBow Memory Assisted Living

Alcohol-induced dementia is an interesting topic that anyone should know about particularly loved ones in memory assisted living. OxBow Memory Assisted Living offers information about the basics of understanding why too much drinking can affect the brain and lead to memory problems.   The importance of knowing the signs, causes, and ways will help you […]

Heart Health in Assisted Living Facilities | American Heart Month

In celebration of American Heart Month, it is time to focus on heart health in assisted living facilities. This is one way of giving importance to the different ways of keeping seniors’ hearts strong and happy.   From heart-friendly activities to smart nutrition tips, there are simple ways to promote cardiovascular well-being among residents. The […]

2024 Senior Living Trends in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are getting a facelift this 2024 to meet the growing needs of the various aging population. Emerging trends in this type of setting focus not only on technological and architectural innovation but also on activities that enable seniors to become more engaged in the community. This also includes facilities embracing wellness programs […]

The Factors to Consider When Choosing A Senior Living Center

When it comes to selecting a senior living center, one of the paramount considerations is the level of care required for each individual. Seniors have diverse needs, ranging from independent living to specialized care for conditions such as Alzheimer’s or other age-related ailments. Independent Living For those who are still active and self-sufficient, independent living […]

The Best Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Assisted Living Ashland

For those residing in Assisted Living Ashland, the holidays offer a unique opportunity to create cherished memories, spend time with family and friends, and cultivate a sense of belonging. During these times, a meaningful celebration can involve activities and traditions that bring warmth, companionship, and a touch of magic to the lives of residents. Seniors […]