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The Benefits of Pet Therapy in Memory Care Assisted Living: Furry Companions for Emotional Support

Research shows that the presence and interaction with animals reduce agitation, feelings of isolation depression, and anxiety in memory care assisted living residents. Having a dog or cat can provide emotional support, comfort, and joy. A furry companion can stimulate the senses while at the same time encouraging communication and socialization, something that residents in […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Assisted Living Ashland

Breast cancer took away the lives of 685,000 individuals in 2020 alone. With a woman being diagnosed with the condition every two minutes, there’s a pressing need to shed light on breast cancer and how it affects millions around the world. This is why breast cancer awareness month is celebrated every October to not only […]

The Different Types of Senior Housing

With the growing number of seniors being diagnosed with chronic medical conditions, there’s also a need for facilities that will provide them with the best environment. This is so that they can live a good quality life despite their health challenges and limitations. The good news is that there are many types of senior housing […]

Combating Loneliness and Isolation in Memory Assisted Living

Loneliness and isolation are common, especially for adults living in memory assisted living. Most adults who live away from their families or with limited time with their loved ones can negatively affect their mental well-being. As the population continues to age, the population with memory-related conditions also significantly increased. With the growth of cognitive disorders, […]

Providing Support for Relatives with Chronic Health Conditions in Assisted Living Ashland

Chronic health conditions continue to affect Americans. In fact, at least half of the population—133 Americans—are diagnosed with at least one chronic illness. And for those who need round-the-clock care and assistance as they deal with their chronic health condition, being in assisted living Ashland is the best option. But while assisted living Ashland facilities […]

Maintaining Independence and Autonomy in Senior Housing

There comes a time in life when senior housing will offer a better quality of living than staying at home. After all, this community will not only provide a safe space to live but will provide expert support and assistance. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors and their families still have misconceptions about senior housing. Especially […]

New Must-Read Spring Books for Residents in Assisted Living

Spring is always a great time of renewal and what better way to celebrate the new season than by reading a new book? Whether you are looking for romantic titles, fictional books, or exploring the non-familiar genre, the changing of seasons is an excuse for additional books in your collection. Whether you are a bookworm […]

How to Beat the January Blues in Memory Care Assisted Living

While many are happy to celebrate and welcome the New Year, senior adults including those in memory care assisted living communities find the month of January difficult. The cold winter months can be challenging and can affect the elderly’s mood, low motivation, and other changes in behavior. Called the “Monday of months”, January is when […]