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COVID19 Vaccine Update for Spring 2021: Protecting Assisted Living Facilities Residents in Ashland, NE

The American government is racing against time in making sure that 90% of American adults become eligible for the Coronavirus vaccine by April 19. Vaccinations for the general public being open will be good news for those in assisted living facilities in Ashland, NE and across the nation.

The situation is somewhat dire more especially now that some State governors have lifted mask mandates. Thus, there’s a big possibility that the transmission of infection and resulting hospitalization will get worse in the coming days.

With increased travels and easing in movement restrictions, health officials have expressed concern about the virus getting worse.

Importance of the COVID19 vaccine

Vaccination plays a major role in protecting Americans and other citizens of the world against the life-threatening virus. The COVID19 vaccine does not only shield you from severe symptoms but also in slowing down the spread of the virus.

The vaccine produces protection through developing an immune response to the Coronavirus. So, the risk of acquiring severe illnesses from it decreases considerably.

Who is at risk for coronavirus?

Residents in assisted living facilities belong to the population of being at higher risk than other adults. Apart from old age, many residents have underlying health conditions, putting them at greater risk of hospitalization or dying from COVID19.

As recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults 65 years and older must be one of the top priorities to receive the vaccine.

Nebraska COVID19 update

If you happen to be living in Nebraska or have relatives or loved ones there, health officials have already administered a total of approximately 1,038,898M doses of the vaccine. Over 402,325 of those individuals are now fully vaccinated. In other words, Nebraska’s health authorities have already covered 20.12% of the population as fully vaccinated.

All COVID19 vaccines received through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program are forwarded to Douglas County Health Department’s mass vaccination sites.

The challenges to a successful vaccine rollout

Although the COVID19 vaccine is free for Americans, many workers from assisted living facilities are still reluctant to take it.

It has become a major concern for employers since employees should not be a direct threat to the workplace and residents.

But with assisted living facilities seeing major effects of COVID19, it is also the facilities’ responsibility to protect their workers.

They need to implement the proper health protocols such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, and basic healthy habits. These practices may slow down the spread, but vaccination is the best way to reach the level of heard immunity.

Vaccine education

The availability of the COVID19 vaccine may have caused doubts. But vaccination adds another level of protection for the workers and vulnerable residents.

CDC in partnership with pharmacies, conducts information dissemination to help educate assisted living facilities residents about the COVID19 vaccine.

They provide details on administration, the possible side effects, things to do post vaccination, and relevant data.

In this way, safety concerns and other issues are addressable while workers and residents become more prepared for their vaccination.

COVID19 vaccines for elderly adults


To sum up, residents in assisted living are among the top priorities to receive the coronavirus vaccines. However, it can take considerable time and additional effort to have everyone get vaccinated.

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