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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Residents in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

With the holiday season now in full swing, it’s also time to start shopping for the people who matter most in your life, especially those who live in facilities for Alzheimer’s.

Patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease need special care and attention, so it’s only fitting that you also take the extra time to look for the best gifts for them.

To make your shopping easier, we rounded up a few great ideas:

A dementia coloring book

  • At $10.99, you can give your loved one the gift of art and entertainment while benefiting his condition. Coloring has been proven to help slow down the process of memory loss in people living in facilities for Alzheimer’s, which makes this “Dementia Coloring Book: Anti-Stress and Memory Loss Coloring Pad for the Elderly” the perfect gift for him.


Activity pillow

  • Patients with Alzheimer’s need to keep their motor skills working by doing different activities while in the facility. This S&S Worldwide Activity Pillow makes for the perfect motor activity for the elderly because it allows them to do lacing, zipping, buckling, and other tasks that promote tactile stimulation. At $54.99, this one’s definitely a great investment for your loved one.


Digital clock

  • Patients with Alzheimer’s need to be constantly oriented with the time and date. So, a digital clock with 16 alarms and remote control would make for the perfect gift for them. This isn’t just your ordinary digital clock. It has additional features like multiple text colors, a bigger clock, and can even show photos of loved ones to make them feel less lonely. Priced at $50.00, your loved one will surely love this amazing gift.


Therapy doll

  • Who would’ve even thought that a doll could help someone suffering from Alzheimer’s? Kayla the Comfort Doll is designed for memory care with its weighted body and head, hand-rooted hair, and life-like vinyl skin. This doll helps Alzheimer’s patients remember how it feels to care for a baby and trigger different emotions. At $119.95, this doll will be an investment, but it sure will be one that’s worthwhile.


Word search

  • Patients in facilities for Alzheimer’s need activities that help keep their brain working and memory sharp. Now if you’re on the hunt for a pocket-friendly gift, this word search will definitely fit the bill. At just $15.00, you already have a word search puzzle that’s designed specifically for seniors with dementia, so it has easy-to-read words and eight reusable puzzles that they can enjoy.

Are you ready to start shopping for your loved ones and friends in facilities for Alzheimer’s?

These ideas will surely make for the perfect gifts no matter what your budget is. Don’t forget to wrap these gifts with a lot of love so your loved ones can really enjoy them!

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Facilities for Alzheimer's Ashland NE

How to Prepare for the Holidays in Assisted Living

You may yet to slice your pumpkin pie or pecan pie for Thanksgiving but that does not mean you cannot start preparing for the holidays in assisted living. Having enough time to put everything together will save you from stress due to last-minute preparations.

It is not always a bad idea to plan for the holidays so you will have more time with family and visit loved ones in assisted living. With early planning, you will be able to enjoy the season and countless celebrations.


Why it’s Good to Prepare Early when Living in Assisted Living

Starting early with your Christmas preparations will give you more time to organize. With Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, gift-giving, parties, sending cards, cookie exchanges, photo sessions, and more, you will end up so busy with hardly any time to appreciate all that you have worked hard for.

Apart from a smooth holiday celebration, here are some reasons why it is good to prepare ahead of time.

More Time To Choose Your Gifts

When you plan your Christmas itinerary, you will have more time to research gift options. Not only this will save you from the holiday shopping rush but also you get to give the perfect presents for your loved ones in assisted living.

Holiday Freebies

Early birds get to enjoy exclusive freebies that will add more value to your shopping experience. Discounts, freebies, and coupons are unexpected gifts that are money-saving and worth keeping.

Exclusive Deals

Take advantage of holiday promos that are only available for a limited time.


How to Prepare for the Holiday


 Make a Checklist

Make a note of the events that you will be attending. The same goes with the people you will need to buy presents to avoid last-minute shopping because you forget to prepare a gift for someone. Writing it on paper will help you set your priorities and identify what needs to be taken care of right away.

Decide on Where to Celebrate

Check the available venues where the family can celebrate Christmas together. But if bringing a loved one who is in assisted living at home is not possible, then you have the option to visit the facility.

Or you can have lunch or early dinner in a nearby restaurant if mobility is not an issue. Consider your schedule and your loved one’s condition to come up with a convenient place.

Cleaning and Decorating

Bring in the Christmas spirit to your loved one’s assisted living apartment or home by putting on Christmas decors. Choose your theme to know which items to buy instead of putting random decorations.

Christmas decorations will not only add color to their spaces but also improve a senior adult’s mood and bring forth childhood memories.

Gift Giving

Christmas is the season of giving and almost everyone is in the mood to be extra generous. By putting a little planning in advance and hard work, you are not only giving a mere Christmas present but your love, care, and thoughtfulness too.

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What Separates Assisted Living and Memory Assisted Living?

When it comes to caring for an older adult, you commonly hear two terms: assisted living and memory assisted living.

These facilities provide adult care, while still giving them the freedom to live their best life in a safe environment. But what exactly are the differences between assisted living and memory assisted living?

Assisted living

Assisted living facilities offer a secure community to seniors who want to be independent while benefiting from convenience and safety.

Here, you get services like assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), safety measures, and high-quality staff.

Assisted living facilities offer different amenities to residents. Most of them have outdoor living areas, gyms, transportation services, spas, arts and crafts, and even salons and barbershops.

You also get daily home-cooked meals, housekeeping services, and different activities to keep your days busy.

Assisted living is a great option for residents who are well enough to live as independently as they can requiring only minimal assistance.

The primary goal of assisted living is to promote independence among its residents. But, there’s also the convenience of having people do your daily chores so you can focus on relaxation and having fun.

Memory assisted living

Memory assisted living is almost similar to assisted living. These facilities also offer services that allow residents to live safely and conveniently. But from the term itself, these types of communities specialize in helping patients suffering from memory-related illnesses.

With the primary goal being safety, memory care facilities offer emergency systems helping residents get through daily living without worry.

They also offer person-centered services. These not only help with daily activities. but also assist residents to improve their cognitive skills.

While memory care facilities may have the same amenities as a regular assisted living facility, this specialized space promotes the safety and convenience of its residents.

For instance, you’ll see that common areas are easy to recognize so it’s easier for residents to find their way throughout the community. You also get directions on how to get around without feeling claustrophobic, so you can still enjoy that independent living while maintaining safety.

Wrapping up

Both care facilties are important for promoting the welfare and quality of life of senior residents. Knowing their differences will allow you to make the right choice of living space for your elderly loved one.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about assisted living and memory assisted living communities by contacting us today!


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How to Manage Chronic Pain | Senior Living Center Tips For Pain

Chronic pain is a common condition among senior adults. According to a study funded by the National Institute of Health, 53% of seniors over the age of 65 are suffered chronic pain. Learning about ways to help ease the pain while living in a senior living center is important.

Chronic pain in seniors can affect mobility, and increase the risk of falls and anxiety if left untreated. Finding a suitable and effective treatment plan is the best form of action when dealing with chronic pain. Of course, consult your doctor before starting any new treatment plan.

Ways to Dealing with Chronic Pain

Seek Emotional Support

Make sure to communicate with your loved ones and senior care center caregivers regularly. Openly discussing how you are feeling is a great step to help the emotional side of chronic pain. Never hesitate to ask for help when feeling overwhelmed.

Take advantage of your facility’s support group and any virtual communities. There, you can seek guidance and information on how to manage the pain while discussing how you feel.

Get Active

While it can be difficult to stay active, it can provide numerous benefits. Being active can boost your quality of life. Doing low-impact exercises, chair-based routines with handheld weights, or water-based exercises can help reduce stress. In addition, staying active raises energy levels and serotonin.

Take Proper Medication

Living in a senior living center and dealing with chronic pain may be difficult for a senior adult. Fortunately, there are ample medications available to choose from. However, it is best to consult with your primary care provider to know the alternatives to drugs that have known risks and side effects.

Hot/Cold Therapy

Some seniors experiencing chronic pain may try the benefits of hot and/or cold treatment. This option is not only cheap but is said to be beneficial in managing chronic pain. Cold treatment reduces inflammation while hot treatment boosts circulation while stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

Reduce Stress

Stress is said to intensify the pain associated with chronic pain.

Turn to family or friends in the senior living center you are in and express personal feelings about your situation. You may also want to try soothing techniques like listening to relaxing music, get crafty, yoga, or Pilates.

Creating an effective treatment plan can do wonders for those living with chronic pain. Comfortable living and happiness are possible. Reducing stress, staying active, and remaining social are excellent ways to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

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Senior Housing: Debunking the Myths and Why It Pays to Make the Move

Moving into senior housing can be of great help to residents and families. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there that keep some people from making the move. At Oxbow Living, we strive to provide the best care for each resident, and that includes debunking some of the most common myths in the senior care industry.

Here, we debunk some of the common myths about senior housing and why you should take that move:

The myths

Senior housing is a lonely place.

Some people believe that senior housing is a lonely place. A misleading rumor is that residents are isolated and cooped up inside all day. But, assisted living is far from isolating. Assisted living facilities have one goal in mind: to provide the best quality of life to their residents.

Moving to senior housing allows you to enjoy the comforts of home with the convenience of round-the-clock care. These facilities also have activities planned to make each day productive for residents.

Senior housing makes you age faster.

Aging is natural and being in senior housing will not speed up the process. Senior care facilities do their best to provide activities that promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. So, with social activities, fitness options, and a balanced diet, senior housing facilities encourage a full life for all residents.

The benefits

Residents live in a supportive community.

It’s easy to be misunderstood when you’re older. In senior living, you’ll get to enjoy the company of like-minded seniors that benefit your emotional and mental well-being. For example, you get to have conversations with them, do activities together and build friendships with people your age.

You can maintain a good lifestyle.

Cooking, buying groceries, and doing other chores can become a burden when you’re older. In senior housing, you don’t have to focus on new stressors. Anything you enjoy or rely on can remain accessible to you.

With assisted living, there are a number of programs that help with daily activities to ensure residents are able to keep a healthy lifestyle.

You get to enjoy social freedom.

Social isolation among seniors isn’t uncommon, especially for those who live far from friends and family. In senior housing, social engagements can become a daily routine.

In senior living, residents are encouraged to take part in daily activities and social events. There are always people around to interact with, and plenty of activities to choose from.

You get to choose what you want to do and accomplish them at your own pace.

This makes every day productive and fulfilling. With the help of senior housing, residents can take up new hobbies and activities as they please. Caretakers encourage fun and relaxing activities and residents have the freedom to take them up at their own pace.

At the end of the day, moving into assisted living is a smart decision, especially if you’re looking for good quality of life during your senior years.

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The Best Spots to Watch Fireworks near Ashland Nebraska for Residents in Assisted Living

Celebrations do not exclude the residents in assisted living Ashland from joining. Independence Day parties are expected during the summer season and it is expected that everyone is going to celebrate the national event.

Fireworks displays shows and festivities have been part of the celebration for decades. And if you are in Ashland and been looking forward to this activity but do not know where is the best spot to watch fireworks?

Below are the recommendations on the best seats to catch fireworks this 4th of July and the rest of the year. Depending on where the community fireworks show will be, most fireworks can be seen anywhere.

However, there are instances when you are required to drive to see the spectacular colors light up the sky.

Open Parking Spaces

Spectators can fill up these open parking spaces to have a nice view of the fireworks display. Car viewing also offers proper social distancing for those still practicing.

Anywhere in the Downtown Area

Most often, fireworks displays are downtown. Residents in assisted living Ashland can look for a comfortable place within the area. From both ends of the town, anyone can witness the dazzling display of lights and colors.

People can find a good spot anywhere in the main downtown area. You can opt for open fields in the zone to see fireworks too. Not only that, fields will let you sit comfortably on the ground to watch the show.

Other Places to Watch the Fireworks Display in Ashland Nebraska

You can invite friends in assisted living Ashland to other areas for a series of firework displays, shows, and attractions that you can enjoy.

Any of these places or festivities will make your summer celebration more fun and memorable.

  • Do not miss the historic 4th of July celebration in the small town of Seward, Nebraska.
  • Enjoy a warm day filled with exciting activities including a grand fireworks show at Bellevue Downtown Park in Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Indulge in food, music, and fireworks display to end the night at Ralston, Nebraska
  • After a day filled with food, arts & crafts, a fun run, and other merriment, an impressive fireworks display will end the night in Alma, Nebraska near Harlan County Lake
  • Other fireworks display throughout Nebraska: Oak Lake Park in Lincoln, York County Fairgrounds in York, Kearney Amphitheater, Skyview Lake in Norfolk, and Fort Robinson State Park in Crawford

Being a senior in assisted living Ashland does not stop you from enjoying this national event. As always, you can enjoy the occasion regardless of your age.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad’s in Memory Assisted Living

Fathers in memory assisted living may find it hard to remember dates, occasions, and even the identity of some family members. However, it is not an excuse not to remember them on Father’s Day.

Gift-giving might be a little challenging given that senior fathers are not that interested in material things anymore. But then again, this does not mean that you should stop from bringing him special joy and comfort even while in memory care.

Here are some gift ideas that will help you come up with something that will make this day extra memorable and special:

Rice Therapy Bag

A rice bag that can be used hot or cold will give Dad the comfort that he needs for aches and pains. Your elderly dad can use this for areas that need a hot or cold compress for release. Search for rice therapy bags online or you can make your own that can be added with essential oils for ultimate relaxation.

Magnifying Glass Necklace

If your dad loves to read, a magnifying glass necklace comes in handy especially if working on small prints. The magnifying necklace makes it easy for him to carry it all the time with fewer chances of losing or misplacing it.

Personalized Lap Quilt

If you have the skills and time, you can gift your dad in memory assisted living a personalized quilt. Make a quilt or have it professionally done by adding photos will help him keep him connected with loved ones.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are known to have calming effects on people suffering from anxiety, depression, or insomnia relating to memory problems. A weighted blanket will bring him comfort by reducing stress levels and helping him sleep better.

Board Games (designed for people with memory problems)

Seniors in memory assisted living still deserve to socialize and enjoy life. A board game specifically designed for people with dementia will keep your dad’s mind active.

Digital Photo Frame

Do not make him forget the special people in his life. Give him a digital photo frame. You can pre-load them with photos so he can still see loved ones while in memory assisted living. Even with limited space in his new home, he can keep hundreds of photos in one frame.

Sun Lamp

A sun lamp is a great gift for those who miss the outdoors on rainy days. This won’t only improve his mood and internal clock but also kicks the blues away during the winter season.

What are you planning to give him this Father’s Day? Regardless of your choice, make sure the gift will make his stay in memory assisted living comfortable and remind him there are people who love him.

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Summer Fun Ideas for Residents in Assisted Living Facilities in Nebraska

The sun is out and it won’t be long before the days get shorter and colder. Summer is the perfect time to engage in fun activities that you can share with your loved ones residing in different assisted living facilities in Nebraska.

Since the state is already in the green zone, COVID19 restrictions have been eased down including gatherings. With that said, you can try these summer ideas with your Mom, Aunt, Grandma, or any family member in a senior facility.

A breath of fresh air

Visit the nearest park, get outside and move around. Whether your loved one is in a wheelchair or can still walk, a breath of fresh air will keep the mind in shape. Do not forget to still practice physical distancing while out in the sun.

Go for a swim

Swimming is a light exercise good for seniors with stiff joints or with arthritis. With this low-impact exercise and natural source of Vitamin D, seniors can relax and keep their body and mind healthy.

Swimming or just simply soaking up under the sun can be done at the nearby beach or in assisted living facilities in Nebraska with indoor pools.

Go on a picnic

Tag other family members along and enjoy family treats together in the local park. Pack your favorite meals, snacks, and game boards which you can play outdoors. Play feel good songs, talk about family stuff, or just lie down and people watch.

Plant or tend the garden

Most senior communities have community gardens where you can grow your flowers or vegetables. Or if your loved one has space for a small garden, encourage your loved one to create gardening as a therapeutic pastime.

Visit summer fairs

Summer is when most people are out to display their harvests and crafts. Visit local trade fairs, flea markets, or farmer’s markets for fresh produce.

While the sun is said to naturally combat anxiety and depression, extreme heat can also cause heat stress among the elderly. So if going out is still not permitted in some assisted living facilities in Nebraska, you can try these ideas to keep the seniors engaged indoors.

Watch a movie together

Prepare movies of different genres and let the seniors pick the movie they’d like to watch. Following social distancing protocol, you can invite other seniors and have a movie review afterward. Film watching is a great way to relax especially for seniors with dementia.

Read a book

This activity can be done with your loved one or with other seniors in the facility. This fantastic activity is not only a good brain exercise but also another way to socialize with other adults. You can have this activity in the social hall or outdoor in the shade.

Ice cream day

Summer won’t be complete without ice cream. Beat the summer heat with a sweet treat or other cold drinks.

Summer activities may be limited due to the COVID19 threat but with planning and extra caution, seniors in assisted living facilities in Nebraska can still have fun, stay engaged and avoid the risk of the Coronavirus.

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COVID19 Vaccine Update for Spring 2021: Protecting Assisted Living Facilities Residents in Ashland, NE

The American government is racing against time in making sure that 90% of American adults become eligible for the Coronavirus vaccine by April 19. Vaccinations for the general public being open will be good news for those in assisted living facilities in Ashland, NE and across the nation.

The situation is somewhat dire more especially now that some State governors have lifted mask mandates. Thus, there’s a big possibility that the transmission of infection and resulting hospitalization will get worse in the coming days.

With increased travels and easing in movement restrictions, health officials have expressed concern about the virus getting worse.

Importance of the COVID19 vaccine

Vaccination plays a major role in protecting Americans and other citizens of the world against the life-threatening virus. The COVID19 vaccine does not only shield you from severe symptoms but also in slowing down the spread of the virus.

The vaccine produces protection through developing an immune response to the Coronavirus. So, the risk of acquiring severe illnesses from it decreases considerably.

Who is at risk for coronavirus?

Residents in assisted living facilities belong to the population of being at higher risk than other adults. Apart from old age, many residents have underlying health conditions, putting them at greater risk of hospitalization or dying from COVID19.

As recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults 65 years and older must be one of the top priorities to receive the vaccine.

Nebraska COVID19 update

If you happen to be living in Nebraska or have relatives or loved ones there, health officials have already administered a total of approximately 1,038,898M doses of the vaccine. Over 402,325 of those individuals are now fully vaccinated. In other words, Nebraska’s health authorities have already covered 20.12% of the population as fully vaccinated.

All COVID19 vaccines received through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program are forwarded to Douglas County Health Department’s mass vaccination sites.

The challenges to a successful vaccine rollout

Although the COVID19 vaccine is free for Americans, many workers from assisted living facilities are still reluctant to take it.

It has become a major concern for employers since employees should not be a direct threat to the workplace and residents.

But with assisted living facilities seeing major effects of COVID19, it is also the facilities’ responsibility to protect their workers.

They need to implement the proper health protocols such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, and basic healthy habits. These practices may slow down the spread, but vaccination is the best way to reach the level of heard immunity.

Vaccine education

The availability of the COVID19 vaccine may have caused doubts. But vaccination adds another level of protection for the workers and vulnerable residents.

CDC in partnership with pharmacies, conducts information dissemination to help educate assisted living facilities residents about the COVID19 vaccine.

They provide details on administration, the possible side effects, things to do post vaccination, and relevant data.

In this way, safety concerns and other issues are addressable while workers and residents become more prepared for their vaccination.

COVID19 vaccines for elderly adults


To sum up, residents in assisted living are among the top priorities to receive the coronavirus vaccines. However, it can take considerable time and additional effort to have everyone get vaccinated.

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Spring Activities that are Memory Care Assisted Living Friendly – Ashland, NE

It is important to manage the time spent in memory care assisted living in Ashland, NE, and everywhere, to make it a more enjoyable and comfy residence.


During the spring season, seniors must be able to find an interesting activity suitable for their ability. Here are some of the spring activities that are memory care assisted living friendly.

Spring activities for seniors


Sporting events

    • An action-packed way for seniors to reconnect with one of their favorite pastimes is to attend a professional baseball game or a soccer game of a grandchild.

Fishing trip

    • This activity is quite a suitable way to enjoy the outdoors even with mobility problems. Accessible fishing locations should be made available in your area where you can bring your loved one for a short trip to go fishing.

Tour a nearby location

    • Some local sights can be a great venue for touring. You can take a boat trip or an RV to visit nearby locations to feast your eyes on some interesting sites near the memory care assisted living.

Fun beside the pool

    • Others would want to enjoy low-impact water aerobics, while some would like to put a foot in the pool. If the senior is able and willing to spend some time by the pool, it will be fun to incorporate it with physical routines.

Stroll around

    • Strolling can be a good way to enjoy the outdoors. A few short walks alone or with a walker or wheelchair will do the trick.

Attend community events

    • Parades and fireworks often go together when attending community events. There are also many outdoor musical performances, car shows, and art shows that can make it more fun and enjoyable.

Feed the birds

    • As soon as the birds begin to chirp, you will know that spring has finally arrived. That said, it also means that they wanted to be fed. Perhaps feeding them through a bird feeder can help seniors enjoy the outdoors in a more comfortable way.

Light gardening

    • One of the great forms of exercise is gardening, as it can reduce the stress and improve the overall endurance and strength.

Spring cleaning

    • If you want to get rid of the clutter in your memory care assisted living, doing some spring-cleaning activity is perfect. You may also want some help with one of your children or grandchildren, while sharing precious memories.


Importance of spring activities


There are a few ways to enjoy the warmer weather that comes with spring. However, just a simple appreciation of the outdoors and the sun can be a celebration that can bring a new sense of purpose to life.


If you think that your senior loved one deserves in-home care for seniors, you are actually doing him or her a favor. That is because older adults need quality care to enable them to live happier, healthier lives at a home environment.


So, don’t let Mother Nature have fun and enjoy the outdoors all alone. You can join her outside and start the springtime activities in a memory care assisted living today!

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