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Summer Fun Ideas for Residents in Assisted Living Facilities in Nebraska

The sun is out and it won’t be long before the days get shorter and colder. Summer is the perfect time to engage in fun activities that you can share with your loved ones residing in different assisted living facilities in Nebraska.

Since the state is already in the green zone, COVID19 restrictions have been eased down including gatherings. With that said, you can try these summer ideas with your Mom, Aunt, Grandma, or any family member in a senior facility.

A breath of fresh air

Visit the nearest park, get outside and move around. Whether your loved one is in a wheelchair or can still walk, a breath of fresh air will keep the mind in shape. Do not forget to still practice physical distancing while out in the sun.

Go for a swim

Swimming is a light exercise good for seniors with stiff joints or with arthritis. With this low-impact exercise and natural source of Vitamin D, seniors can relax and keep their body and mind healthy.

Swimming or just simply soaking up under the sun can be done at the nearby beach or in assisted living facilities in Nebraska with indoor pools.

Go on a picnic

Tag other family members along and enjoy family treats together in the local park. Pack your favorite meals, snacks, and game boards which you can play outdoors. Play feel good songs, talk about family stuff, or just lie down and people watch.

Plant or tend the garden

Most senior communities have community gardens where you can grow your flowers or vegetables. Or if your loved one has space for a small garden, encourage your loved one to create gardening as a therapeutic pastime.

Visit summer fairs

Summer is when most people are out to display their harvests and crafts. Visit local trade fairs, flea markets, or farmer’s markets for fresh produce.

While the sun is said to naturally combat anxiety and depression, extreme heat can also cause heat stress among the elderly. So if going out is still not permitted in some assisted living facilities in Nebraska, you can try these ideas to keep the seniors engaged indoors.

Watch a movie together

Prepare movies of different genres and let the seniors pick the movie they’d like to watch. Following social distancing protocol, you can invite other seniors and have a movie review afterward. Film watching is a great way to relax especially for seniors with dementia.

Read a book

This activity can be done with your loved one or with other seniors in the facility. This fantastic activity is not only a good brain exercise but also another way to socialize with other adults. You can have this activity in the social hall or outdoor in the shade.

Ice cream day

Summer won’t be complete without ice cream. Beat the summer heat with a sweet treat or other cold drinks.

Summer activities may be limited due to the COVID19 threat but with planning and extra caution, seniors in assisted living facilities in Nebraska can still have fun, stay engaged and avoid the risk of the Coronavirus.

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