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5 Healthy Brain Exercises to Delay Memory Loss or Dementia

Someone in the world will develop dementia every 3 seconds, so it’s no surprise that the number of people living with the condition is expected to reach 152 million by 2050. But while dementia still baffles medical experts, any memory care facilitator would agree that embracing these five healthy brain exercises would help delay memory loss or the onset of dementia:


Learn and re-learn


Like they say, you can never stop learning. Even if you already have a degree and you have a lot up your sleeve, there’s still room for more knowledge. Sign up for online classes, read about your favorite subject and even write your thoughts on a journal. You can never be too old or busy to add a new skill on your list.


Practice a new language


According to research, people who learned a new language showed better concentration and better brain function than those who only knew one language. And you don’t need to be in a classroom to learn a new language because there are a lot of online language courses that allow you to spend some time each day to learn a new language.


Learn a musical instrument


Any memory care facilitator would highly recommend learning a musical instrument because it is considered the ultimate brain exercise. According to research, playing an instrument doesn’t only keep your mind sharp, but it also forces your brain to really work considering that you’re learning something that’s unfamiliar territory.


A study by the University of Montreal even revealed that people who played an instrument have faster reaction times and it helps prevent cognitive slips.


Work on puzzles


Sudoko is a highly recommended puzzle game, especially for the elderly because it really makes the brain work by fitting the numbers in a box with a very specific order. This game helps sharpen thinking skills and prolong your memory. You can also learn a new card or board game and play it with your family. Games like Monopoly and Chess have also been proven to improve cognitive thinking and improve decision-making skills.


Read, read, read


You can never put too much emphasis on the benefits of reading at any age. When you read, you are not only learning new things but you are also giving your brain a chance to function properly.


Try reading problem-solving mysteries that allows you to think deeply about how you can solve a problem, which is not only a great exercise but also a smart way to entertain yourself.


Although dementia can happen to anyone, you can always protect yourself from it or slow down the progression of the disease by keeping your brain active with these exercises.


The trick here is to always find ways to stop your brain from being stagnant. And if you have a loved one who is susceptible to getting dementia, help him stay active by giving him activities that allow him to have fun while giving his brain a good exercise.


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