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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Residents in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

With the holiday season now in full swing, it’s also time to start shopping for the people who matter most in your life, especially those who live in facilities for Alzheimer’s.

Patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease need special care and attention, so it’s only fitting that you also take the extra time to look for the best gifts for them.

To make your shopping easier, we rounded up a few great ideas:

A dementia coloring book

  • At $10.99, you can give your loved one the gift of art and entertainment while benefiting his condition. Coloring has been proven to help slow down the process of memory loss in people living in facilities for Alzheimer’s, which makes this “Dementia Coloring Book: Anti-Stress and Memory Loss Coloring Pad for the Elderly” the perfect gift for him.


Activity pillow

  • Patients with Alzheimer’s need to keep their motor skills working by doing different activities while in the facility. This S&S Worldwide Activity Pillow makes for the perfect motor activity for the elderly because it allows them to do lacing, zipping, buckling, and other tasks that promote tactile stimulation. At $54.99, this one’s definitely a great investment for your loved one.


Digital clock

  • Patients with Alzheimer’s need to be constantly oriented with the time and date. So, a digital clock with 16 alarms and remote control would make for the perfect gift for them. This isn’t just your ordinary digital clock. It has additional features like multiple text colors, a bigger clock, and can even show photos of loved ones to make them feel less lonely. Priced at $50.00, your loved one will surely love this amazing gift.


Therapy doll

  • Who would’ve even thought that a doll could help someone suffering from Alzheimer’s? Kayla the Comfort Doll is designed for memory care with its weighted body and head, hand-rooted hair, and life-like vinyl skin. This doll helps Alzheimer’s patients remember how it feels to care for a baby and trigger different emotions. At $119.95, this doll will be an investment, but it sure will be one that’s worthwhile.


Word search

  • Patients in facilities for Alzheimer’s need activities that help keep their brain working and memory sharp. Now if you’re on the hunt for a pocket-friendly gift, this word search will definitely fit the bill. At just $15.00, you already have a word search puzzle that’s designed specifically for seniors with dementia, so it has easy-to-read words and eight reusable puzzles that they can enjoy.

Are you ready to start shopping for your loved ones and friends in facilities for Alzheimer’s?

These ideas will surely make for the perfect gifts no matter what your budget is. Don’t forget to wrap these gifts with a lot of love so your loved ones can really enjoy them!

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