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How to Make a Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Assisted Living Facilities in Nebraska

The change of season is not just about the different kinds of weather but an opportunity to start anew. It could mean a fresh opportunity for others to make some changes in their lives, in their habits, or a change of environment.

Since spring is upon us, it is the time of the year to make a spring cleaning checklist. Keeping rooms organized also makes us physically and mentally active.

Springtime in Assisted Living Facilities in Nebraska

Springtime represents hope and new beginnings and what better way to welcome the new season than doing meaningful activities. Although to some this can be daunting or challenging, the benefits outweigh the issues.

Reduced Clutter

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the accumulated items that you do not have use of anymore. This could be clothing, accessories, household items, mails, and others that do not bring you joy anymore.

Take time to clean your space so you will have plenty of room for other things you want to have within the year.

Improved Air Quality

The air quality at home or in assisted living facilities in Nebraska is paid less attention unlike the rest of the home features. But during spring, residents should thoroughly dust off shelves, tables, tops, electronics, and fixtures using a feather duster. Washing curtains, rugs, blankets, and other linens at home will improve air quality too.


During spring cleaning, you also get to evaluate the safety of your home. It is during this time that you get rid of safety hazards, replace them, or repair them.

Although the main purpose is to minimize the overall clutter, spring cleaning is good for mental health. The physical activity involved in cleaning helps reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Clean sheets are linked to better nights’ sleep. Cleaning can also improve your focus and mood. Regardless of how small or big the task is, spring cleaning is the start of something fresh.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Monitor safety systems at home, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and emergency kit
  • Purchase storage boxes for unused and winter blankets
  • Closet Cleanout
  • Declutter
  • Time to Dust
  • Clear the Countertops
  • Check the medicine cabinet

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Spring cleaning is done best with the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Earth-friendly cleaning products will leave your rooms or homes extra clean and sparkly. Using these products also provide other benefits like:

Eco-friendly products contain natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

Chemical-based cleaning products can eventually damage the fragile ecosystem. Opt for eco-friendly products as these have less impact on the environment.

Natural products are found to be effective in keeping your homes clean. Baking soda, botanical ingredients like Thymol, vinegar, lemon, and other plant-based ingredients will not be regularly used in a variety of cleaning agents if not effective.

Keep assisted living facilities in Nebraska clean without harming the environment. Have fun with your spring cleaning activities while setting a new routine. Whatever you intend to do this spring, it should be something that will keep you safe and healthy.

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