Senior Housing

Social Security Pay For Assisted Living through Supplements

Do you have questions regarding the benefits of Social Security when the time comes you need help? Do you ever wonder if this can pay for your needs for assisted living? In that case, you might be concerned about your future when you finally move to an assisted living facility.




Retirement Income for Seniors


Social security offers benefits to seniors who have worked in the U.S. via a retirement income paid into the program. For this reason, everyone who worked legally in the country is able to get benefits from it. Such benefits are often referred to as OASDI or Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance.



Basically, it is used as a source for paying for long-term aging care. Since the government is paying for this benefit, the relatives of the seniors are free to apply for adult day care, home care, or residential care.




Social Security Benefits


Cash payments are given directly to the individual. At the same time, there are no restrictions on how these payments are spent. The average amount received by the unmarried, widowed or single retiree is around $1,411 per month.


  • If the senior is already 62 when he or she begins to collect social security, then the maximum benefit amount will be $2,158 per month
  • If the age is between 66 and 67 years old, then the benefits will amount to $2,788 per month.
  • If only at the age of 70 will a retiree begin to collect benefits, then he or she will receive a total of $3,698 per month as the maximum benefit




Cost Of Long-Term Care


Take note that the average amount of a social security check is just $1,350 per month, which is a bit short of the long-term care cost. For instance, one spouse requires residential care, while the other remains at home. Nevertheless, seniors with lower income will be eligible for supplemental security income and or its supplements.




Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


For people with limited income and assets, SSI is provided as financial assistance. SSI will evaluate the income and will fill in the gap in order to bring the income up to a pre-set amount.



If you are going to apply for an assisted living program, you should know that this provides activities, meals, and non-medical care for a group of individuals in a living environment.




Optional State Supplements


These are state-based financial assistance provided over the federal SSI benefit. This is where Social Security provides financial assistance for assisted living. They are also referred to as State Supplementary Payments.



States offer assistance for people with assisted living or adult foster care who are financially eligible in order to help pay for the room and board fees. These are offered above the amount they receive from Social Security SSI.




However, the money will be given directly to the adult foster care home or assisted living facility. The amount of assistance will range up to $1,000 per month which depends on the state where the senior is living.




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