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What Separates Assisted Living and Memory Assisted Living?

When it comes to caring for an older adult, you commonly hear two terms: assisted living and memory assisted living.

These facilities provide adult care, while still giving them the freedom to live their best life in a safe environment. But what exactly are the differences between assisted living and memory assisted living?

Assisted living

Assisted living facilities offer a secure community to seniors who want to be independent while benefiting from convenience and safety.

Here, you get services like assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), safety measures, and high-quality staff.

Assisted living facilities offer different amenities to residents. Most of them have outdoor living areas, gyms, transportation services, spas, arts and crafts, and even salons and barbershops.

You also get daily home-cooked meals, housekeeping services, and different activities to keep your days busy.

Assisted living is a great option for residents who are well enough to live as independently as they can requiring only minimal assistance.

The primary goal of assisted living is to promote independence among its residents. But, there’s also the convenience of having people do your daily chores so you can focus on relaxation and having fun.

Memory assisted living

Memory assisted living is almost similar to assisted living. These facilities also offer services that allow residents to live safely and conveniently. But from the term itself, these types of communities specialize in helping patients suffering from memory-related illnesses.

With the primary goal being safety, memory care facilities offer emergency systems helping residents get through daily living without worry.

They also offer person-centered services. These not only help with daily activities. but also assist residents to improve their cognitive skills.

While memory care facilities may have the same amenities as a regular assisted living facility, this specialized space promotes the safety and convenience of its residents.

For instance, you’ll see that common areas are easy to recognize so it’s easier for residents to find their way throughout the community. You also get directions on how to get around without feeling claustrophobic, so you can still enjoy that independent living while maintaining safety.

Wrapping up

Both care facilties are important for promoting the welfare and quality of life of senior residents. Knowing their differences will allow you to make the right choice of living space for your elderly loved one.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about assisted living and memory assisted living communities by contacting us today!


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