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Providing Support for Relatives with Chronic Health Conditions in Assisted Living Ashland

Chronic health conditions continue to affect Americans. In fact, at least half of the population—133 Americans—are diagnosed with at least one chronic illness. And for those who need round-the-clock care and assistance as they deal with their chronic health condition, being in assisted living Ashland is the best option.

But while assisted living Ashland facilities offer the best quality of care to patients, family members still play an important role in their journey. So, if you have a loved one who’s suffering from a chronic illness, you need to make sure that you offer the support that he needs as he deals with his condition.

Why Family Involvement is Important in Chronic Care

Family involvement is crucial to any successful chronic care plan, especially for patients in assisted living Ashland because:

  • The family knows the daily routine of the patient and this information can help create a more efficient care plan while the patient is in assisted living Ashland. Family members also know the patient’s likes and dislikes, so it would help the staff determine what to keep in the patient’s room, what food he would like, and what activities he would enjoy.


  • The support of family members has been proven to help boost the confidence of patients in assisted living Ashland. Since they’re already dealing with a chronic health condition, they need all the emotional support they can get to help them fight their illness and hopefully, recover to their best health.


  • Many studies have proven that patients who have the full support of their families often get better outcomes from their condition. Since they know that the people they love are rooting for their recovery, it also motivates them to do what is needed like changing their lifestyle or adhering to medications, so they can recover faster.

How family can Provide Support in Assisted Living Ashland

As a family, there are many ways that you can provide support to a loved one in assisted living Ashland:

Be careful of toxic positivity.

  • Although your loved one needs all the positive affirmation that he can get to battle his chronic illness, toxic positivity can do more harm than good. Phrases like “you’ll get over it,” “just be more positive” and “everything happens for a reason” can make someone feel in denial about their condition.


Be compassionate.

  • People who suffer from chronic medical conditions go through a lot of pain, discomfort, and even disability. So, the least that you can do is to find ways to alleviate those by being more compassionate. Simple things like rubbing his back, buying his favorite snacks or just making him feel comfortable will already make a huge difference.


Learn how to listen to loved ones in Assisted Living Ashland

  • A loved one with a chronic illness will have a hard time talking about how he really feels or what he’s going through. So, make sure that you take time to listen to what he has to say. It would also help to do your own research to get a better understanding of his condition and how you could offer the right support.

Having a loved one in assisted living Ashland is a journey for you as a family. But with the right support, you can surely get the best outcome.


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