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Plants That Will Bring Light and Life into Assisted Living Facilities

Do you have a loved one in assisted living facilities? If so, we have the perfect gift guide that will help brainstorm some fun ideas to bring light and life into your loved one’s home.


The Gift of Life


Plants offer a variety of environmental and emotional benefits to those around them and can often thrive in indoor settings. That said, here are some of the plant varieties you can gift seniors in assisted living facilities.


African violet


The constant blooming flowers of African violets can really make you happy. Even during the winter these plants can thrive when placed in a south facing windowsill.


A little maintenance goes a long way. It is key to avoid getting the leaves when watering the plants to avoid leaf spotting, and before watering, allow the soil to dry out completely.


Aloe vera


Aside from being quite easy to maintain, aloe vera plants have natural healing properties. This plant is perfect for anyone lacking a green thumb but craving some greenery in their life.

Have a bad sunburn? Pick off one of the aloe leaves, slice it open and use the insides to rub generously on the skin for some cooling relief!


The most important thing to remember is to keep watering to a minimum, which for many is the best maintenance match. Forget to water regularly? Perfect! The Aloe plant does not need that kind of attention.


Amazon elephant ear


Tropical plants such as the Amazon elephant ear have huge heart-shaped leaves. Such plants need a warm and humid environment; However, are best keep away from direct sunlight.


Not in a humid environment? Mist the plant leaves when watering to mimic the humidity of the jungle.


Peace lily


This plant can add unique beauty to an indoor environment with its dark green leaves and white curvy blooms. It loves to grow in a warm and humid environment but not in direct sunlight. Just keep the soil moist most of the time and you’re good to go!


Spider plant


This plant is often used as a hanging plant and works as a natural air purifier.

It can help minimize indoor pollution and prefers bright to medium light and evenly moist soil.


Benefits of indoor plants


Even the most successful companies in the world are considering incorporating indoor plants, courtyard landscaping, and vertical gardening in their office designs.


  • Indoor plants help relieve stress
  • They help replenish attention capacity
  • Can double as friends
  • Will often serve as mood boosters or stabilizers


Seniors living in assisted living facilities can also take advantage of the benefits that indoor plants can provide all around.


  • Plants make people feel better
  • Decrease the risk of dementia
  • Caring for plants is an accomplishment
  • Connecting with nature keeps people calm

How to help seniors maintain indoor gardening


Starting a garden can be daunting for seniors in assisted living facilities without yard space. Fortunately, plants mostly need little sunlight and many can thrive indoors.


  • Ensure that plants are accessible
  • Choose different types of plants
  • Consider the needs of your loved ones
  • Stay away from harmful or poisonous plants
  • Choose plants that your loved one likes to nurture
  • Have fun by making the experience creative and enjoyable


Overall, plants are an excellent present that do not require too much of your energy to survive, unlike pets. The gift of plants can help your loved one feel needed again, without adding to stress levels.



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