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Start Off the New Year with a Deep Clean of Your Senior Housing Home

The start of the New Year is not just an opportunity to re-evaluate your community goals and continue with doing the good stuff to your senior residents but also to give your senior housing apartments a fresh and clean look.

After weeks of enjoying the holiday season with fun activities, now is the time to scrub clean the spots at home that rarely get clean.

Although you have done well with keeping the facility tidy every week, this is not enough. Deep cleaning is always a good idea to be done once a year shows your residents extra love and care.

Don’t Wait for Spring, Start Your Deep Clean Now

Do not wait for March, April, May, or springtime to bring out your cleaning tools or hire the services of a professional. A room-by-room deep cleaning is finally going to happen after months of just doing small tasks and decluttering.

Today is the best day for washing and scrubbing to avoid the mess from piling up. Just in time for spring parties and gatherings, your facility will not only create a good impression to your residents and their families but a healthier environment for everyone.

Deep cleaning your home will help the areas that you often forget. Ignored spots at senior housing with accumulated dirt may end up with living germs and bacteria.

Deep cleaning done by professionals will eradicate the health risks that will negatively affect the lives of senior residents.

Deep cleaning will ensure that your senior care facility is free from infectious wastes and hazards. With trained cleaning professionals, the staff, residents, and their families can count on a clean and fresh environment.

Ways to Deep Clean in Senior Housing

Here’s how you can perform deep cleaning in your senior housing facility as your way of dedication, care, and respect for your residents’ well-being.

  1. Routine cleaning should be practiced all the time.

Always wipe high-touch surfaces particularly after visits by guests, delivery staff, and health aids. Focus on areas like door handles, light or elevator switches, glass doors, tables, or railings.

  1. Any perishable goods inside the senior’s apartments must be got rid of including expired food.

This way, seniors are safe from getting salmonella, listeria, e-coli, or botulism. Consuming expired food could risk senior residents from food poisoning. The same goes with expired prescriptions that are possibly harmful.

  1. Always declutter before doing deep cleaning to have more space and a tidy surface for a little motivation.
  2. Deep clean windows.

Use a vacuum and recommended cleaning agents to wipe off dust and other particles.

  1. Deep clean the bedroom, the floors, and ceilings. Do not forget to vacuum the mattress and change beddings and pillowcases.
  2. Dust clean the kitchen, the pantry, and the bathrooms.

But for better results and the assurance that the appropriate cleaning products for senior housing homes are used, hire the services of a professional cleaner.

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