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Holiday Season Prep List for Residents in Assisted Living Ashland

As the leaves begin to fall and the air gets cold, we know that the holiday season is approaching. Aside from decorating in assisted living Ashland, the winter months can bring a lot of safety risks for residents.

So, here are some tips that you should include in your holiday prep list for residents in assisted living facilities:

Check the facility’s heating system.

Seniors can’t tolerate the cold weather as much as younger people. So, before the winter months kick in, make sure that your assisted living Ashland facility’s heating system is working properly.

Have professionals check your heaters and do some servicing, repairs, and maintenance. It’s also good practice to have your carbon monoxide detectors checked while you’re at it.

Check the rooms of residents.

Since seniors can’t check if their rooms have drafts, it’s best that you do it before winter arrives. Make sure that windows and doors are properly sealed. You can add thick curtains to windows to keep the cold air outside.

This is the perfect time to check if residents need items that will keep them warm, like additional blankets.

Prepare their wardrobe.

Seniors need to stay warm during the holiday season. Bundling up can free them from any sicknesses like colds and flus. Therefore, before the holiday season kicks in, it’s best that you prepare their wardrobe for the colder months.

Although they will stay indoors most of the time during the holidays in assisted living Ashland, they need to wear comfortable clothing like sweaters, socks, pajamas, and bonnets that will be perfect for the season.

You can ask their family members to bring any winter clothes that they have to make sure that their wardrobe is ready for the colder months.

Plan your meals ahead.

It’s the holiday season, after all, so it’s only fitting that your meals are also extra special and festive this time of the year. But aside from planning for Christmas and New Year’s dinner, you should also make sure that all other meals are covered, especially since it’s harder to shop for supplies because of the holiday rush and the weather.

Make sure that residents in assisted living Ashland are stocked up with the most important things they need like water, medication, toiletries, and other essential supplies.

Finally, you can’t forget to decorate your facility to make residents feel the holiday season. These times are especially lonely for residents since they will miss being with their families, so it’s very important to make them feel at home by decorating your facility with some holiday cheer.

Just make sure that your decorations won’t pose any risks for them, so you can all celebrate the holiday season safely and joyfully in your assisted living Ashland. Are you ready to get started with the preparations for this busy time of the year?


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