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Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit In Senior Housing

The holiday season is the most joyous occasion many look forward to all year. It is the time for family and friends to get together. It is also a wonderful time to relax and prepare resolutions for the upcoming year. For those with loved ones in senior housing, we’ve come up with a great guide to help get them into the holiday spirit!

The Importance of the Holidays

Celebrating the holidays has been a part of our lives since. Over time, many have changed including senior adults in senior housing facilities being away from their families during the season. The family tradition of setting the tree and decorating the house together, preparing family recipes, and other special and unique rituals have gone.

The holiday season is about love and family. It means so much for senior adults to be with their families again. To be able to sit down with loved ones, share stories, bring back fond memories, and just feel each other’s love is something that cannot be replaced with any gift.

Holidays are important for seniors because in a way they can help them spiritually, particularly for Catholics. It is the perfect time for them to reflect and give thanks for the wonderful life they have. The holiday is a perfect time to ask for more years of good health and a good life for the remaining years of their life. It is also a good time to pray for others in need.

Another reason why the holiday season is important for seniors is that they have added another milestone in their lives. With the health scare brought on by monkeypox, COVID-19, and other daily challenges in life, it is an achievement to reach senior age and so to celebrate another holiday season is something to be greatly grateful for.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors in senior housing facilities have died. With so much uncertainty, celebrating another Christmas and welcoming another new year is a blessing for seniors.

Get the Spirit Gping in Senior Housing

Whether celebrating with family or alone, make new memories for you to cherish. Go out and enjoy the holiday lights, visit local Christmas bazaars, or do something exciting to lift the mood.

Reach out to family and friends even on social media. Go on video calls, exchange emails, or messages, whichever is available, or you are comfortable using.

For families, make double efforts to get in touch with older family members or friends in senior housing. You do not know how much this means to them, especially if they do not have a family close by.

Help them decorate their place and decorate the tree with them.

Take them shopping and ask them to pick what they love to have this holiday season. Take this as an opportunity also to open up your feelings on how much you care for them.


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