Assisted Living Ashland

What You Get from a Quality Assisted Living Facility

Getting old has its moments, but has its downfalls too. For as you look forward to grandkids and comfortable retirement, you also have to deal with a host of physical impediments.

Blurry vision, shortness of breath, and aching joints are just some physical old-age symptoms that materialize in your 60s. It becomes much more pronounced as you enter the era of the octogenarian. And then the need for specialized care becomes more apparent.

This is true even if you were once fit, independent, and on-the-go. Age will catch up with you at some point and the body will start to deteriorate.

Choosing to spend the rest of your days in an assisted living facility ensures that you get the medical attention you need while maintaining a satisfying quality of life.


Assisted Living vs a Nursing Home

Some seniors and their families are concerned about the idea of a senior living facility because they think that it’s synonymous with a nursing home. But with a little education, they can learn all about the wonderful senior living communities and options available.

The services and amenities available in these senior living facilities do vary. But here are some features you can expect to find across the board.


Nutritious Meals

Eating healthy meals is important in keeping seniors energetic throughout the day. So you can expect any assisted living facility to have both delicious and nutritious meals.

These are often prepared by trained chefs and cater to specific conditions and needs. Residents are served three meals a day according to their changing health needs.


Daily Living Assistance

Residents at senior living facilities have staff that is responsible for assisting older adults with activities of daily living (ADL). These include bathing, dressing, and eating. This gives family members peace of mind that parents and grandparents will still be cared for in the best way possible.


Housekeeping and Transportation

In addition to ADL assistants, senior living facilities also have housekeeping staff that maintains residents’ rooms and apartments. There’s also transportation to take these elderly occupants to and from appointments.


Hobbies and Classes

Intellectual stimulation is important for seniors to stay alert and engaged. This is why assisted living communities run book clubs, computer classes, gardening, and more. Communities located near colleges might enable residents to have access to courses and cultural offerings on campus.


Venues for Exercise

A lot of assisted living communities have in-house gyms equipped with all sorts of exercise equipment to encourage seniors to stay active. Some even have its own therapy room.


Safe Living Environment

The apartments and rooms for senior residents are designed for accessibility and mobility. This allows them to retain independence while having easy access to expert care and medical attention if needed.


Events and Outings

A lot of seniors find it difficult to maintain social relationships. This is why assisted living facilities have a long list of activities for residents throughout the year. Attending cultural events or going on field trips are great ways for residents to bond and enjoy being outside together.



Assisted living facilities provide a “home away from home” for seniors who want to receive excellent care, yet still maintain that sense of independence. With highly-qualified staff and trained medical professionals on call, these places give families the peace of mind knowing that their elderly loved ones are being looked after.


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