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Dispelling Common Myths about Assisted Living Facilities

Believe it or not, not a lot of people know very much about assisted living facilities even to this day. Usually, this type of senior care is the same as a retirement home or a nursing home. While there are similarities between the two, assisted living comes with a more holistic approach to its senior residents.


Due to its unfamiliarity, people often hear myths and misconceptions about this type of care. When you look at the big picture, assisted living facilities are more than ordinary retirement homes or nursing homes. To dispel the most common myths about this type of senior care, we rounded up these misconceptions and shed light on the truth about each one.



Myth # 1: Residents lose their independence and privacy


On the contrary, assisted living facilities value privacy and independence the most. This level of senior care prioritizes their residents in a way that they still get to enjoy being independent and having privacy while providing them the care that they need.


Together with their activities and the level of care they provide, their residents have a sense of their own space. A lot of communities let their residents choose apartments that they find desirable and allow them to personalize their own space to make it feel like their own.



Myth # 2: Reduced enjoyable activities of daily living


Since they often associate assisted living facilities with nursing homes, a lot of families think that their loved ones will lose some of the activities that they used to enjoy at home like gardening and other forms of recreation. However, it’s never the case with this type of senior care.


Residents end up having more activities with community living than when they were living alone. Facilities often have recreational programs fit for different personalities and interests. These can range from gardening and fitness programs to book clubs, game clubs, and so much more. If there’s anything that’s for sure, there surely is something for everyone.



Myth # 3: Less access to professional assistance


Some would also think that help is not enough when within senior assisted living facilities. However, the truth is the exact opposite than this common misconception. These facilities employ individuals that are trained to attend the needs of their residents especially those in need of their medical care.


Most facilities even have enough staff that’s ready to help 24 hours a day to attend to their needs whenever they need it. These facilities make sure that their residents’ families become less worried about their loved ones when they choose to put them under their care. Therefore, this type of senior care makes sure that they have activities wherein they still improve their quality of life.



Myth # 4: Residents will end up feeling more alone or lonely


People often think that when they choose to let their loved ones settle in senior care facilities, they’ll feel isolated or left out. However, there’s no truth in that statement at all.


When they choose assisted living over other senior care facilities, their family members still get to see other people, interact with them, and make new friends with fellow residents. With activities that improve their quality of life, it becomes even more enjoyable since they get to enjoy their programs with other residents around.



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