Memory Assisted Living

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility with Memory Care

There will come a time when your loved ones find it difficult to perform daily tasks. When this time comes, you have to make a decision regarding their long-term care. You have to make further considerations if your loved one requires a facility with memory care.



When it comes to senior care with considerations for memory assisted living might not be a sufficient solution. In the case of conditions like dementia, you might need to find an assisted living facility that has a memory care unit.



The question is: how do you choose?



Differentiating between Assisted Living and Memory Care


Assisted living and memory care comprise two kinds of residential senior care. The former mostly caters to seniors who find it difficult to live independently. Such facilities make sure that the elderly get the help they need to perform everyday activities, including bathing, dressing and eating.



There will also come a time when specialized help will be needed by your loved one, especially if they develop memory-related conditions like dementia. In this case, they would be better off if provided with memory care services.



Some assisted living facilities do have memory care units, but they are quite different from each other. While memory care services still fall within the realm of long-term skilled nursing, it is solely for patients who suffer from different memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.



A memory care unit provides round-the-clock supervised care. The layout of the facility is also designed to not confuse residents. Meaning, the layout is specifically designed to make navigation easy for patients suffering from memory problems.



In terms of cost, facilities that offer memory care services do charge more because of the kind of specialized service provided.



Choosing a facility


If your loved one has trouble, memory assisted living facilities with memory care units are an option for their long-term care. Here are some factors to consider in choosing a facility:


  • Staff training. Memory issues are complex and as such, seniors who suffer from memory-related problems need specialized and skilled help. Facilities offering memory care services should have staff who are trained to deal with the different aspects of memory issues.


  • Meals. Nutrition is important to maintain senior health. As such, it’s important to know what kind of food will be served. And most importantly, it’s best to know if the food offered is healthy for their body and mind.


  • Programs. Just because someone is suffering from memory-related issues doesn’t mean they aren’t able to participate in activities. Take a look at whether or not the facilities offer programs or activities to help with memory. It could be as simple as doing crafts. It also helps if a facility offers exercise programs to promote overall health.


  • Other services. This may include housekeeping, laundry services, and transportation.




It’s important that your loved ones find a facility that not only provides for their needs but also looks after their overall well-being.




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